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Video Content Consultancy

Perhaps the most important part of the whole video creation process... scripting the video content and getting clear on your video marketing strategy.

You will need clarity on what you want to use your video for and what message you want to convey to your viewers.

Our video content consultation is the starting point.   We take time to understand you, your business, and why and how you want to use video.

Meet the Team Videos

Meet the Team videos are great for curious customers to have a window into your business and help them get to know you and your team better.


Meet the Team pages are usually one of the first places visitors look at on your website.


They can bring your organisation to life in a tangible and engaging way and begin the process of building the 'know, like and trust' feeling that's essential before someone makes a decision to buy from you.


Online Courses

Learn how to confidently create videos for your business from the comfort of your own home with our online course 'From Scared to Shared'.

Designed and created for the female entrepreneur who wants to create her own video content but needs practical advice on how to get started, and overcome some of the fear that going behind a camera can evoke.

We have jam-packed this easy to follow Course full of valuable step by step know-how, ideas, examples, scripting templates, top tips, and so much more, to help you overcome all the aspects of video creation that are holding you back. 

Promotional Videos

Do you have an event, online course, workshop or seminar that you are hosting? 


A promo video is a fantastic way to feature and share this with your community and engage new fans.

Punchy and fast paced, promo videos capture the attention of your audience and leave them wanting to hear and see more.


Video Editing Service

Have you got video footage that you want to convert into content to promote your business but you're not sure how to get the best from it or how to use it?  We can help!

Our experienced video editing team edit, clip, tidy and brand the video content that you have recorded and...voila! your content is ready to be shared.


Book in a video marketing consultation with us first and we'll advise you of the most cost-effective way of using your content.


Honesty is always the best policy, and if we think what you have will not convert into effective video content for your business, we'll tell you that too.

Bespoke Video Services

Are you thinking about something that isn't listed? 


Please don't hesitate to contact us about what you want.


Sometimes you have an idea, vision or even just an inkling about video content you want to promote your business,  but you need some ideas, guidance and direction on how it can be brought to life.

Talk to us about it. We'd love to hear more, and make your video ideas come to life.





I’m Nicola Powell, Founder of Curious Dog Media, and I’m here every step of the way to help you confidently make great videos for your business.

Whether you are creating a new brand, growing your audience, selling online, showing your product, creating an online course... using video effectively is a key ingredient to the success of your business.

At the same time, I completely understand that getting started on creating video content can feel overwhelming and daunting.  I've spoken with so many female entrepreneurs about this, and, rest assured, that fear is very normal. 


I felt it myself.


When I started to use video in my businesses years ago I had so many 'Arghhh!' moments: I'd press the wrong button, forget what I was going to say, set the camera up the wrong many mistakes!  

I honestly felt that I'd never get it right. But I could see the huge benefits to my businesses, so I persevered. Today, I want to share my formula for successful and confident video creation with you so that your business can reap the rewards.


Do you need the confidence to create your first video? Or maybe you're already comfortable on camera and want to create more varied video content?  It takes courage to take that next step.

You already know that including video will take your business to the next level.  Now is THE perfect time for you to stand out and get your message 'out there'.

Your audience is waiting for you... I'm waiting for you!... so let's get started.

To Your Continued Success


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